The Armenian NPP is situated in Ararat Valley of the RA, 28 km to the West from Yerevan. The construction of the plant started in the 1970’s. The ANPP consists of 2 units constructed on the basis of two WWER-440 (V-270) type reactors with seismic design.

ANPP Unit 1 was commissioned on 22 December, 1976 and Unit 2 was commissioned on 5 January, 1980. The electrical power of each unit was 407,5 MW.

After the destructive earthquake which took place on December 7, 1988 in Spitak town situated 83 km far from the ANPP the Council of Ministers of the USSR made a decision to shut down the ANPP for reasons of safety. Unit 1 was shut down on 25 February, 1989 and Unit 2 was shut down on 18 March, 1989. However following the USSR collapse under conditions of energy crisis in the republic in 1993 the Government of Armenia made a decision to restart the ANPP Unit 2. Two years after the decision making upon completion of a huge scope of activities aimed at safety level enhancement and modernization activities the ANPP Unit 2 was restarted on 5 November, 1995 and it was connected to the power system. Currently Unit 2 provides 40% of the electricity consumed in the republic.

The plant safety upgrading activities are still under implementation, the technology of electricity generation is being improved.

The radiation monitoring of the environment is one of the major tasks of the NPP management.

The qualification of the plant personnel, specifically of the operating personnel is continuously upgraded. Emergency drills are conducted on the simulators of the Training Centre and as a result the operating personnel consolidate their knowledge in practice, gain experience and skills to take adequate preventive actions during emergencies.

According to the RA Government decision the plant life extension work was started in 2015.

The detailed inspections of reactor metal and major equipment, as well as the international experience have shown that Unit 2 life time extension is realistic. A number of countries including the Russian Federation have experience in NPP lifetime extension.

The financial allocations are made by the Russian Federation through crediting.