The management of “HAEK” CJSC conscious of its responsibility for all aspects of the safe operation of ANPP in their daily work pays special attention to physical protection.

Taking into consideration the threat, arising from both external and internal intruder, ensures protection against committing sabotage (act of sabotage) in respect of nuclear facilities and unauthorized removal of nuclear and radioactive materials, taking responsibility for proper supervision by the relevant departments and services.

Taking into account the development of technical progress and changes in the nature of threats, the management takes appropriate measures to ensure the adequacy of physical protection regime to existing risks through periodic estimation and updating of the physical protection systems for their equipping with modern technical means, personnel and procedures necessary to ensure an adequate level of efficiency.

      This objective is achieved based on the following basic principles of:

·         ensuring strict compliance of the Armenian (RA) legislation, the existing rules and norms in the field of physical protection, the conditions and requirements of the licenses granted by the competent state bodies, as well as compliance with Armenia's international commitments on non-proliferation of nuclear materials;

·         targeted risk reduction, compliance with principles of differentiated approach, in depth and balanced integrated defense;

·         ensuring interaction of physical protection systems with the nuclear and radioactive materials accounting and control system and services who provide safety operation of nuclear facilities;

·         ensuring the principle of confidentiality and the execution of procedures for information protection;

·         ensuring the security culture by providing supervision and control, motivation, training and psychological fitness of persons both directly responsible for ensuring security and entire staff of “HAEK”CJSC, in which the security of ANPP is a priority goal and internal need;

·         organizations, in accordance with the legislative requirements, who perform security check of

"HAEK" CJSC employees and individuals engaged in the plant temporary works;

·         planning emergency measures and conduct of periodic drills and exercises;

·         ensuring quality assurance in the field of security by conducting periodic effectiveness assessments of the physical protection measures, timely updates and upgrades of tools, procedures and physical protection systems in accordance with the requirements of the competent authority, as well as self-assessments and quality audits.

The management of “HAEK” CJSC will systematically undertake measures for enhancing and improving physical protection of ANPP and pay special attention and render support to all initiatives of “HAEK” CJSC employees and external organizations aimed at security improvement.


 The management of the HAEK CJSC realizes its responsibility for organization of efficient labor protection planning and safe production, systematic control and assurance of appropriate conditions for the company employees and other concerned parties.

The HAEK CJSC declares that the main labor protection goal consists in assurance of the employees’ safe labor conditions and health protection.

In order to achieve the set goal and in compliance with the requirements of codes and regulations on labor protection the HAEK CJSC management, within the established authorities, implements activity aimed at:

·         Strict observance of the RA Legislation, international standards, industry and internal requirements on industrial safety and labor protection;

·         Creation, implementation, operability maintaining, and continuous improvement of labor protection management system;

·         Integration of labor protection management system into general safety management system of the plant;

·         Prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases;

·         Systematic personnel training in basics of production and safety culture, and also in industrial safety and labor protection subjects;

·         Provision with necessary individual and other technical protection means;

·         Identification of industrial risk factors and making risk-informed decisions;

·         Safety upgrading of the NPP production processes, equipment, buildings, structures, and communications;

·         Optimization of employees’ labor conditions and rest;

·         Mandatory consideration of operating procedure requirements to labor safety;

·         Arrangement of personnel working places in compliance with requirements of sanitary standards and rules, and also their qualification as to conditions of work;

·         Implementation of social improvement programs;

·         Development and timely correction of a list of factors which shall be managed/minimized;

·         Scheduled reviews and systematic control of labor protection conditions of each working place;

·         Periodical analysis of personnel labor protection and health indicators; support to development and implementation of required measures for their improvement.

Based on the above mentioned measures we expect that each employee, irrespective of the occupied position, realizes personal responsibility for all accidents and occurrences at the plant, and also the need in strict observance of labor and health protection codes and rules. At the same time we are always ready to support the initiatives of employees which contribute to improvement of the plant labor protection management system.


Persistent need for urgent measures to improve environmental safety and environmental protection worldwide gave a new incentive to the strengthening of measures for the protection of nature and possible reduction of anthropogenic impacts on the environment. The impact on the environment has recently been given great attention, both at national and international level.

 “HAEK” CJSC is the largest producer of electric power in Armenia, located in Armavir region, at a distance of 30 km away from Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia. The annual electricity generation of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is more than 2 billion kWh, accounting for about 40% of the total electricity generation in the Republic of Armenia.

Recognizing the need for production of electric energy in a safe and environmentally friendly way, the management of “HAEK” CJSC establishes the following principles:

·         meeting the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, international agreements of Armenia, standards and regulations in the field of nuclear energy, use of natural resources and environmental protection;

·         establishment, implementation, maintaining in operable condition and continuous improvement of environmental protection management system;

·         managing the impact on the environment resulted from “HAEK” CJSC activities taking into account policies and objectives in the field of environmental protection;

·         coordination of the environmental protection management system with other existing management systems;

·         ecological monitoring in the area adjacent to the NPP site through arrangement of surveys of the background radiation, hydrogeological, hydrochemical and biological condition of environmental objects;

·         ecological monitoring through nonradiative and radiation factors;

·         striving to improve its activities in the field of environmental protection and to maintain its effectiveness;

·         limiting the impact on the environment and prevention of its pollution, balancing this goal with socio-economic needs of the region;

·         periodic review of goals and objectives in the field of environmental protection;

·         prevention of pollution of the environment in normal operation and in emergency situations at ANPP;

·         improving ecological education of the staff through training in the legislation fundamentals and regulations in the field of environmental protection, as well as in good practice recognized in the nuclear industry;

·         providing the public with open and reliable information about the state of the environment at NPP site and adjacent areas;

·         constructive interaction with regulatory bodies, public organizations of RA on environmental issues.

The management of “HAEK” CJSC makes a statement that the nature conservation measures should be an integral part of continued improvement process of the enterprise activity.

The management of “HAEK” CJSC believes that the integration of environmental protection issues into the administrative management system of the organization will help effective management of the environmental protection, improving the environmental performance and a clear distribution of functions and responsibilities to achieve the goals and objectives.


Efficient manpower policy and personnel management are important factors which ensure safe, reliable, and economical operation of a nuclear unit.

The HAEK CJSC management declares that the personnel of the enterprise represent the highest value and each employee is a part of a solid, united, and professional team. Based on the set goals and objectives, and in compliance with the activity specific character, the issues of personnel high level competence provision and maintaining are considered at the HAEK CJSC as high priority issues.

The main components of the HAEK CJSC manpower policy are:

·         Planning activities on personnel management based on strategic objectives of the HAEK CJSC;

·         Professional selection and staffing of personnel based on needs analysis;

·         Personnel qualitative training and continuous development thanks to provision with required resources and allocation of appropriate means;

·         Continuous efficiency and quality improvement of training, qualification maintaining and advanced training system by means of systematic approach to training and its detailed assessment;

·         Creation of openness and mutual respect environment, enabling complete realization of personnel creative capabilities and potential;

·         Provision of employees career and professional rise in regard to the HAEK CJSC needs, professional skills and attitude to safety issues;

·         Improvement of tutorship practice, and also transfer of experience and knowledge to younger generation;

·         Provision of differentiated system of employees labor payment depending on personal labor contribution to achievement of the set goals and objectives;

·         Assignment of sufficiently competent and highly qualified specialists to the vacant HAEK CJSC managers positions;

·         Implementation of motivation and stimulation practice in regard to the employees who demonstrate professionalism, high discipline and liability for safe and efficient operation of the HAEK CJSC; support to contractor organizations in personnel training and qualification maintaining issues;

·         Planning and implementation of social development programs aimed at maintaining capacity to work and health, provision of full-value rest and professional rehabilitation, and also support to veteran employees.

The management of the HAEK CJSC continuously implements purposeful activity aimed at solution of professional objectives and social problems in all areas of manpower policy.

We confirm that the declared principles will be implemented in conditions of safety culture upgrading and improvement of social and psychological environment in the labor collective. Maintaining of high qualification and team work is always in our focus.


Based on the strategic plans of the RA energy development the HAEK CJSC main and long-term goal in the informing area is creation of stable and positive public opinion on all merits and advantages of atomic energy use in peaceful purposes.

Positive opinion of public and mass media could be formed only as a result of timely and impartial informing of public and other concerned parties.

In order to improve informing on economical and social expediency of nuclear units operation and to form confidence in the ANPP radiological and technical safety the management of the HAEK CJSC declares about:

·         Its commitment to the policy which ensures timely and complete informing on the ANPP functioning;

·         Strict observance of the existing RA Legislation while activity implementing in the area of informing public and other concerned parties;

·         Establishment of the HAEK CJSC information center and provision of its proper functioning;

·         Specification and distribution of duties on informing public, controlling state authorities and public organizations among the HAEK CJSC officials;

·         Information openness, accessibility and voluntary dialogue with public;

·         Free information exchange about advanced technologies and applied industrial innovations with scientific and production organizations;

·         Efficiency, objectiveness, and reliability of provided information;

·         Timely and comprehensive informing of regulatory authorities on the ANPP operational events;

·         Cooperation in informing public about the ANPP safe status through the press, and radio and telecasting;

·         Striving for forming a positive business image of the HAEK CJSC based on reliable and versatile information;

·         Broadening of informational coverage of population in topical issues of further nuclear energy development in Armenia;

·         Timely and systematic informing of public on the course of activities and preparation to the ANPP decommissioning.

The HAEK CJSC management, with all existing means, will oppose to spreading of gossip and inadequate information about the ANPP, and will cooperate to decrease psychological influence on the RA population in case of contingencies and emergencies at the ANPP.


A nuclear power plant is an enterprise with an increased production risk where the condition and behavior of personnel is subject to higher and specific requirements. In such conditions of work a human factor, and in particular psychological and physical condition of employees, is of an exceptional role in ensuring reliable and safe operation of the plant.

Considering a wide distribution of such negative phenomena as alcoholism and drug addiction in modern society we declare that:

·         In compliance with the legislation in force the HAEK CJSC developed and implemented a set of special measures aimed at prevention of hiring the individuals abusing alcohol, drugs and psychotropic;

·         The HAEK CJSC takes and will henceforth take measures on revealing the plant employees who start using drugs and psychotropic;

·         There are very strict barriers at the ANPP used to prevent access to the site for the individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

·         The HAEK CJSC intends to carry out an advance activity with the employees to prevent alcohol abuse and taking drugs;

·         The HAEK CJSC will continuously popularize healthy living, in particular among younger generation of employees, and it is its intention to protect them from baneful influence of alcohol and drugs;

·         The HAEK CJSC is determined to work based on such priorities as improvement of standard of living, upgrading of culture and morals of the employees;

·         In its activity on staff distribution the HAEK CJSC comes from the priority assignment of individuals who have clearly negative attitude to alcohol and drugs to the most responsible and prestigious positions;

·         Each employee of the HAEK CJSC is personally responsible for gross violation of labor and production discipline and, in particular, for use of drugs and alcohol;

·         In compliance with the RA Legislation the HAEK CJSC will discharge the employees who use alcohol and drugs.

Herein the HAEK CJSC states its intolerance to alcohol abuse and use of drugs and psychotropic. However the management of the HAEK CJSC, while following the principles of safety culture and increasing questioning attitude, will systematically work for improvement of production culture, strengthening labor and production discipline. Our employees and social and psychological environment in the labor collective will be always in our focus.