The IAEA Director General’s Visit to the Armenian NPP (Visit Details)


The IAEA Director General’s Visit to the Armenian NPP (Visit Details)

The Director General of the IAEA first of all thanked for a cordial welcome and noted that it was his second visit to the Armenian NPP. His first visit took place in 2012 and the difference he saw was huge. 

He also noted that since then a large scope of activities aimed at safety enhancement and plant life extension was implemented.

Mr. Amano was pleased to mention the fact that the ANPP has been actively using the IAEA technical expertise and is making every effort to implement the recommendations and suggestions received as a result of IAEA missions. The IAEA Director General asked a question concerning the new NPP siting.  Hakob Vardanyan, the Deputy Minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources of the RA answered the question, stating that the new NPP most probably will be constructed in the area of the same site, taking into account the circumstance that the operating NPP was built in the most optimum and earthquake-resistant region.   

Mr. Amano also noted that on the previous day he had a meeting with the Prime-Minister and the President of the RA and they assured him that the Republic of Armenia would continue using nuclear energy in future as well. In this regard, the IAEA Director General expressed his satisfaction and a hope for a closer cooperation in future.