Science Festival «Look around» was held in Yerevan


Science Festival «Look around» was held in Yerevan

On 15 June, 2019 more than three thousand people attended the Science Festival «Look around» which was held for the first time in Yerevan this year, in the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. The organizer of the festival was the «Rosatom» State Corporation. The «Ayb» Educational Fund, the «Little Einstein» Children’s Science Museum and the «Mind center» Centre were the partners of the festival. 

«It’s an important event for the whole city, and we were pleased to provide a site for such an activity. After all, just during such events new geniuses-physicists, mathematicians, engineers and programming specialists, well-rounded people show themselves. Based on my own experience I can say that the children who take interest in mathematics or physics from childhood, later become our best students. We hope that in future we’ll have a lot of such essential events with the Rosatom,- said Ruben Akhgashyan, the prorector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

The festival was attended by Vostanik Marukhyan, the Rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Vardan Martirosyan, the Head of the Loan and Grant Projects Department of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures (MTAI) and Artem Petrosyan, the Head of the Nuclear Energy Department of the MTAI, Movses Vardanyan, the General Director of the Armenian NPP, Suren Azatyan, the first Director of the ANPP, Chairman of the Union of Nuclear Energy Veterans of Armenia and others.

The festival brought together not only the residents of Yerevan but also those of the neighbouring regions. It was interesting for everyone, both for schoolchildren and for students. On that day the participants of the festival became utterly absorbed in the world of science and high technologies and could combine the educational event with the outdoor walk with their families. The children of the employees of the Armenian NPP, who had specially come to the festival, in addition to all saw how important and interesting the work of their parents was.

Besides, the participants of the festival by using the «Аtom skills» wheel of professions could select a certain profession in the nuclear industry and get to know what skills were required for that area. Many children told that following their participation in the festival they decided to tie their future to exact sciences. A 15-year-old schoolboy Valter Vardazaryan noted that he already knew that one should study physics well which would help in future to understand how things worked.