ANPP Full-Scope Simulator


ANPP Full-Scope Simulator

The full-scope simulator (FSS) is a facility intended for staff training. The FSS is used for the professional training of the ANPP shift personnel (Shift Supervisor, Reactor Department Shift Supervisor, Reactor Control Leading Engineer, Turbine Department Shift Supervisor, Turbine Control Leading Engineer, Main Control Room Operator, Electrical Department Shift Supervisor and Leading Engineer of Electrical Control Panel).

The FSS enables the trainees to study the technological processes of unit normal operation and to gain knowledge and skills required for their control, including actions to mitigate the possible abnormal and emergency conditions in a real-time mode.

Further actions on the ANPP FSS upgrading were discussed during a working meeting held within the period of 15-19 October, 2018 in the framework of an international program implemented by the USA. The meeting was attended by representatives of the US Government, PNNL/ANL laboratories, WESTERN SERVICES company, the management of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, the heads of the main departments.

In response to the concern of the U.S. side the General Director of the «HAEK» CJSC Movses Vardanyan touched upon the topic related to the political changes in the country, the «velvet revolution», noting at the same time that these changes had not affected the ANPP normal operation.

Further steps on the project of activities aimed at the full-scope simulator (FSS) upgrading with a view to enhance the ANPP safety were also discussed during the meeting. The safety of the Armenian NPP is directly related to the qualification of the Main Control Room operators. The initial training (to gain knowledge and skills required for reliable and safe operation of the unit), the retraining of the MCR operators, as well as the emergency drills are conducted using the FSS.