An Emergency Response Drill has been Conducted at the Armenian NPP


An Emergency Response Drill has been Conducted at the Armenian NPP

On 9 April, 2019 an emergency response drill was conducted at the ANPP with a view to improve the personnel skills in emergency response. For the shift personnel and supervising people the drill started at 10:00.

According to the notification scheme, the actions and gathering of the participants were started at the ANPP with announcement of a «Local Accident» which later turned into a «General Accident».

  1. According to the drill scenario the following activities were performed:

a/    evaluation of the situation and classification of the accident,

b/    notification,

c/    implementation of personnel protection activities: sheltering, using personal protection equipment, iodine prophylaxis, evacuation,

d/    providing the  relevant authorities with information and sending the completed forms to the state agencies,

e/    radiation monitoring,

f/     fire extinguishing activities.

  1. The drill was attended by the following people:
  • Drill manager – Deputy Chief Engineer on Operations,
  • Commission for Emergency Situations,

Analytical and Engineering Support Groups of the plant emergency response system, public relations and mass media coordinator,

  • Personnel of the ANPP shift “D” ,
  • Personnel of the ANPP special fire brigade,
  • Radiation monitoring group,
  • ED, RD, TD, I&C D, RPD personnel to be evacuated,
  • Shelter operation group ,
  • Evacuation commission,
  • DTCS, MTU, RD personnel involved in the process of notification and evacuation.
  1. The following people were appointed as supervising people:
  • in the Crisis Management Centre – Deputy Head of Training Centre,
  • in the Full-Scope Simulator room – Deputy Chief Engineer, Head of Training Centre,
  • in MCR – Leading Engineer of OPTD,
  • in Shelter №3 -  Leading Engineer of Radiation Protection Department.

When the drill was completed its analysis was performed.

The supervising people provided information on the personnel actions during the drill, mistakes and deficiencies.  

Based on the results of the drill analysis, activities will be developed to eliminate the identified deficiencies.