Nationwide Cleaning Day


Nationwide Cleaning Day

Suren Papikyan, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the RA held a press conference devoted to the activities of the nationwide cleaning day which is to be held on 23 March, 2019. Suren Papikyan stated that when visiting each community he formed an opinion about the demanding attitude of the manager or inhabitants of that community based on its cleanness. Garbage collection in Armenia is of crucial importance for us, since we’ll have citizens really upholding their rights and demands only in case they show appropriate concern about every corner of Armenia.

                                                      Nationwide Cleaning Day

On 23 March, 2019 on the first nationwide cleaning day cleaning and garbage removal activities were conducted at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) as well.

In the framework of the cleaning day the areas adjacent to the important roads leading to the ANPP territory, as well as the khachkars, the chapel, the ANPP History Museum located within the ANPP territory were cleaned and improved. By the decision of the “HAEK” CJSC General Director M. Vardanyan activities aimed at cleaning and improvement of the areas assigned to the ANPP departments were also performed, which are periodically performed during the whole year as well.

Tree planting was organized with participation of the ANPP management and the heads of the main departments.

Approximately 900 employees from all the departments took part in the nationwide cleaning day activities. All together 5 pieces of machinery (dump trucks, hoists and trailers) were used to arrange the garbage collection and improvement activities.

#մեկնիր ձեռքդ #վերցրու աղբը    (extend your hand, remove the garbage)