The Message of the «HAEK» CJSC General Director to the Personnel


The Message of the «HAEK» CJSC General Director to the Personnel

The management of the «HAEK» CJSC, realizing their responsibility for safe operation of the ANPP, gives special consideration to the continuous improvement of its own performance.

Maintaining the ANPP safety culture and operational safety at a high level is the main objective of the «HAEK» CJSC performance, and we think that each employee of the enterprise is able and is obliged to make a personal contribution to the process of continuous improvement and upgrading.

Within the period of 25-28 February, 2019 a psychosocial study is to be conducted at the Armenian NPP in the framework of the WANO support mission aided by the «Rosatom Technical Academy» APE ANO with a view to assess the leadership skills of the «HAEK» CJSC management.

The results of this study will serve for the managers of staff groups as a means to assess pressing issues requiring increased attention, and will be a feedback mechanism in evaluating the adequacy and efficiency of the managerial decisions taken earlier.

The management of the «HAEK» CJSC appeals to the whole staff to openly communicate the requested information to the support mission team and to give their own suggestions related to improvement of the current work practice to prevent the recurrence of the issues.

Only in this case the results of the questionnaire will allow to develop efficient corrective actions aimed at improvement of the effectiveness of the «HAEK» CJSC performance.

The management of the «HAEK» CJSC adheres to the «No Blame» policy for accidental mistakes and is deeply interested in identification of all the events and their reporting.

The management of the «HAEK» CJSC guarantees lack of sanctions for communication of information to the support mission team and is committed to maintain the anonymity of the received information. The results of the psychosocial study will be provided in a summarized form.

We hope that the results of this work will enable us to enhance the Armenian NPP prestige and effectiveness of its performance.