The shutdown of ANPP Unit 2 for outage 2019, which covers a huge scope of activities to be implemented in the framework of the Life Extension Program, is scheduled for June 1, 2019 from 00:00, and according to the schedule the unit is to be started after the outage of 102 days. The following main activities are to be performed during the outage:

  1. intermediate maintenance of WWER-440 reactor facility,
  2. complete spent fuel unloading for the reactor vessel survey,
  3. instrumental inspection of the reactor vessel,
  4. elimination of defects of the reactor upper unit,
  5. routine maintenance of АТ-1 АТDCN-200000/220/110/35 autotransformer,
  6. major overhaul and instrumental inspection of main stop valves (5),
  7. replacement of the condenser of TA-3 (turbine set) in the framework of  modernization,
  8. replacement of quick detachable thermal insulation on three loops (2,3,6) - MCP,
  9. replacement of generator TG-4 with excitation system,
  10. replacement of transformer T4,
  11. modernization of TA-4 (turbine set),
  12. replacement of АZOT-16 system (primary-to-secondary leak control system),
  13. major overhaul of the reactor coolant pumps (2,3,6),
  14. spray system modernization activities,
  15. replacement of  feed water heater,
  16. replacement of gas cooling pumps of turbine generators TG-3,4,
  17. replacement of condensate pumps (2,4),
  18. replacement of the plant compressor station,
  19. routine maintenance of the diesel-generator station (5 diesel generators),
  20. replacement of the seismic protection system (ISPS),
  21. major overhaul of the turbine control system.

    The activities for replacement of generator ТVV-220-2А №4 and  the modernization of turbine TA-4 will last till the end of September.


In order to implement modernization activities in the framework of the ANPP Unit 2 LTO Program on April 17, 2019, at 22:30 the fourth turbine generator was shut down. The activities aimed at the ANPP safety enhancement will be continued, and the activities on modernization of the turbine hall equipment will be initiated.