Discussion of the Nuclear Energy Development Prospects in Armenia


Discussion of the Nuclear Energy Development Prospects in Armenia

In the framework of the Russian-Armenian cooperation in nuclear industry on March 20 a discussion entitled «The prospects of nuclear power industry development in Armenia» was held.
During the discussion importance was attached to the issue of the ANPP spent nuclear fuel transportation from Armenia to the Russian Federation. In this context it was noted that with a view to implement a pilot project on export of the spent nuclear fuel to the RF and its further reprocessing a joint Russian-Armenian working group was established to perform feasibility and transportation flow chart studies.

Vardan Martirosyan, the Head of the Development and Investment Projects Department of the RA Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Leader of the Armenian team of the joint Russian-Armenian working group emphasized that based on the results of those studies the activities aimed at preparation of equipment and infrastructure would be performed, as well as the documents required for implementation of the pilot project would be prepared, and only after that the implementation of the pilot project would start.
«The implementation of the pilot project is also important in terms of solving logistics and organizational issues», - highlighted Vardan Martirosyan.                                          
Irina Zherdetskaya, the Head of the Strategic Marketing Department of the «Tekhsnabexport» JSC presented the international experience in spent nuclear fuel handling to the participants of the discussion. Gera Sevikyan, the Advisor to the Armenian NPP Director touched upon the issue of the ANPP Unit 2 modernization and long-term operation.

«The service life of more than 2500 pieces of dedicated systems, structures and components has already been extended. The main components of the turbine hall were upgraded, several kilometers of cables were laid, equipment was dismantled and installed. In 2019 in the framework of comprehensive installation and commissioning activities to be performed in the turbine hall it is scheduled to install the 2-nd turbine generator, and activities aimed at safety enhancement of the plant major systems will be started. Upon project completion Armenia will have a more efficient NPP and its safety level will be approximated to the international standards», - stated the Advisor to the Armenian NPP Director.

During the discussions the experts noted that the development of nuclear power industry was critical and was of strategic importance to Armenia and it was time to implement preparatory activities related to replacement capacities. Aram Gevorgyan, the Deputy Director of the Power and Electrical Engineering Institute of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia stated that for future economic development Armenia would need a 600-1000MW NPP which would expand the capabilities of electricity export to the countries of the region. The discussion «Nuclear Energy Development Prospects in Armenia» was attended by representatives and experts of the RA Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, the RA Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation, the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), the «Аrmatom» CJSC Scientific Research Institute, public organizations, higher education institutions that train specialists for nuclear industry. 
The discussion meeting had been organized by the «Rosatom» State Corporation under support of the «Аrmatom» CJSC Scientific Research Institute.

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