Reactor Department: Lifetime Extension Activities


Reactor Department: Lifetime Extension Activities

The Reactor Department (RD) is one of the ANPP structural units, the main function of which is safe, reliable and effective operation of the RD equipment.

In recent years, activities aimed at lifetime extension of the ANPP power unit 2 in operation are being implemented, some of which are performed by the RD.

The ANPP Unit 2 design lifetime, with some conservatism, according to the design, was determined to be 30 years, which is likely conditioned by the lack of operating experience, as well as by the lack of equipment service life management experience in the past.

The NPP-s operating experience enabled to review and extend the operation lifetime.

In this regard, at the ANPP, jointly with the international organizations, large-scope activities aimed at assessment of possibility of RD major and auxiliary equipment further operation and justification for operation lifetime extension have been implemented.

As a result of survey activities performed, replacement of some pump units and other equipment, as well as activities on safety systems modernization are being performed at the RD. The activities envisaged will enable to improve the level of safety, reliability and effectiveness of the equipment in operation and to extend the Unit 2 operation lifetime for another 10 years.