The «Rosatom» State Corporation has delivered a turbine generator to the Armenian NPP


The «Rosatom» State Corporation has delivered a turbine generator to the Armenian NPP

This is the second turbine generator that has been delivered to the ANPP in the framework of the modernization and long-term operation project which is being implemented by the «Rusatom Service» JSC affiliated with the State Corporation. It’s a new generation equipment and it allows to improve the efficiency of the plant and to increase the electricity production. The first turbine generator was delivered in 2017 and it has already replaced the turbine generator with an expired service life which had been in operation since the late 1970s.

«After the equipment modernization at the ANPP which also implies replacement of the turbines, transformers, separators-reheaters, condensers, restoration of the cooling towers, with the same amount of consumed fuel we’ll generate for about 40 MW more electricity than it is currently being generated. The increase of the efficiency will enable to decrease the cost for a unit of generated electricity which is crucial to stabilization of output prices»,-stated the General Director of the Armenian NPP Movses Vardanyan.

The second turbine generator will be installed in 2019 within the package of installation  and commissioning work in the plant turbine hall (under the overall project for modernization of electricity generation systems). These activities were started in April, 2018 and will last till the end of 2019. In parallel with the work performed in the turbine hall activities will be started in 2019 with a view to improve the safety of the plant major systems.

The turbine generator is a large-size equipment, that is why transportation was carried out in several stages. The equipment was first delivered to Antwerp where it waited for a special crane ship capable of loading and unloading this heavy equipment on its own (the harbour cranes of Poti cannot lift such a heavy equipment). Then the cargo proceeded to the Port of Poti and from there to the Armenian NPP in several consignments via a branch railroad which had been specially repaired by «SCR» JSC upon the request of the «Rosatom» State Corporation to ensure the transportation of such heavy goods.

«All the required equipment for the ANPP modernization in 2019 is being delivered or has already been delivered to the ANPP. We intend to install and adjust all the equipment and systems within the established timeframe»,-stated the Deputy Director on «Rusatom Service» Projects Management, the Armenian NPP Long-Term Operation Project Manager on the Russian side Vladimir Bredov.

The main tasks of the project on the Armenian NPP Unit 2 Life Extension are the service life restoration and plant life extension for up to 10 years, the NPP safety and efficiency improvement. All the project activities will be completed by the end of 2021.

The Armenian NPP is the only nuclear power plant in the Trans-Caucasian region. Unit 2 is currently in operation, it supplies about 40% of electricity consumed in Armenia.

Note for information:

The «Rosatom» State Atomic Energy Corporation is one of the global technological leaders. The Rosatom comprises more than 300 enterprises and scientific institutions, including all the civil companies of the nuclear industry of Russia, scientific research centres and the world’s only nuclear fleet.

The cooperation between the Rosatom and the Republic of Armenia is successfully developing for many years. The key project that is being implemented by the Rosatom in the territory of Armenia is the Project on the Armenian NPP Unit 2 Life Extension. In addition, the Rosatom supplies fuel for the nuclear power plant. The joint projects in the area of health, education and staff training for the nuclear industry figure prominently in the bilateral cooperation. 

The «Rusatom Service» JSC is a part of the electric power division of the «Rosatom» State Corporation. The company provides the foreign NPPs with WWER type reactors with a full range of services and supplies required to ensure the operation and maintenance. The company appears practically in all the countries with operating NPPs with WWERs outside Russia. In the markets of China, Iran, Bulgaria and Armenia the «Rusatom Service» JSC takes the lead being a general contractor for the activities on life extension, implementation of scheduled preventive maintenance and modernization of the equipment of the NPPs with WWERs. In the foreign markets the «Rusatom Service» JSC has formed a stock of orders for an amount of about 500 million U.S. dollars. 

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