September 4 is the Day of RA Emergency Workers


September 4 is the Day of RA Emergency Workers

Dear emergency workers of the ANPP special firefighting unit,

I congratulate you on the occasion of your professional holiday. I would like to express words of gratitude, appraisal and respect to you – the people, committed to the hard task of saving human lives.

Dear emergency workers, taking into account your professional skills, self-sacrifice, humanity and courage; at the ANPP we are sure that the emergencies and catastrophes are manageable thanks to you. You are the border guards that stand between people and catastrophes.

Once again I would like to congratulate, stating that you perform your professional duties faithfully, selflessly and with high responsibility.

You are doing everything to prevent and preclude catastrophes; you are contributing to the development of the MES system and are keeping the high professional title, moral character and honor of the rescuers.

“HAEK” CJSC Director General       M. Vardanyan