Congratulations on the occasion of March 8


Congratulations on the occasion of March 8

Dear women and girls,

I warmly congratulate you on March 8, International Women’s Day. I wish you peace, health, happiness and great success.

March 8 is one of the holidays in the calendar that arouses feelings of infinite gratitude towards mothers, women and girls. Be always merry, attractive and beautiful, surrounded with inexhaustible care and attention, endless love and happiness and may goodness accompany you and your families.

All through the ages the Armenian woman has been and continues to be a keeper of the family hearth and traditions. And despite the fact that we do not say it every day, be sure that we always  feel and highly appreciate your mission of a caring mother, a loving wife and  a dedicated keeper of the home.

Once again I warmly congratulate you all with this wonderful spring holiday and the women’s month.