Outage Activities of 2020


Outage Activities of 2020

With the view of implementing outage-2020 covering a large scope of activities to be performed in the framework of the ANPP life extension program the ANPP Unit 2 shutdown is planned for July 1, 2020 at 00:00 and the start-up is planned in 65 days, on 3 September. The following main activities are scheduled to be performed during the outage:

1.  reactor intermediate maintenance

2.  general overhaul of 2 reactor coolant pumps

3.  technical inspection of 6 steam generators

4.  installation of a new computer information system

5.  survey of drives of emergency shutdown, regulating and shim assemblies

6.  routine maintenance of steam turbines №3 and 4

7.  general overhaul of turbine generator №3 

8.  activities on flaw inspection of weld seams of metal of the main circulation pipelines and main stop valves.