Currently the full-scope simulator upgrading and functionality enhancement activities are underway at the Armenian nuclear power plant. The project is being implemented with the participation of the US company WSC, the Armatom SRI CJSC and the Galaktika LLC.

The full-scope simulator, developed and implemented in 2013 under the support of the European Union and through the mediation of the Slovak company VUJE, is a software and hardware simulation facility. It is intended for professional training and continuous improvement of practical skills of the operating personnel of the NPP main control room (MCR) using the existing full-scale model of the actual main control room and the integrated all-mode mathematical real-time model of the unit.

Since 2019 in the framework of the assistance programs of the US Department of Energy the WSC jointly with the Armatom SRI CJSC has been developing new models for the simulator using new generation technologies, taking into account the upgrades and modifications carried out under the unit life extension program. Thus, as a result of the modernization, the simulator, equipped with a new software base, new generation computers and server, shall correspond to the ANPP Unit 2 systems and equipment and ensure real-time simulation of all the operating modes (normal operation modes, transients, malfunctions, design basis emergency modes and beyond-the-design-basis accidents up to the simulation limits).

In the spring of 2024 the simulator will be completely assembled and all the components and systems will be integrated, and the comprehensive testing and commissioning are scheduled for the summer.

Active and effective measures are being taken to complete the project in a timely manner and put the simulator into operation, which will help improve the professional qualification of the Unit 2 operating personnel and, as a result, ensure reliable and safe operation of the plant.