ANPP scheduled stop scheduled for May 15


ANPP scheduled stop scheduled for May 15

The stop of the second power unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant for scheduled preventive repairs is scheduled for May 15, 2020 and will last 65 days. Hakob Vardanyan, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, told reporters about this on November 10 during a visit to the ANPP.

He stressed that as part of the preventive work, the introduction of security systems of various levels is expected, as well as the construction of a new open distribution substation, since the existing one was built in 1974-76.

In turn, the ANPP Director General Movses Vardanyan noted that in the coming year a study will be carried out on the condition of the reactor vessel, which is carried out every 4 years. The last time such a study, he emphasized, was conducted in 2016. According to Vardanyan, in the next two, work will be completed on the development of a large-scale simulator for the Armenian nuclear power plant, which is carried out with US support. <at the="" moment,="" we="" are="" negotiating="" with="" american="" partners="" to="" get="" rest="" of="" funds.="" if="" us="" assistance="" is="" not="" satisfactory,="" then="" i="" believe="" that="" will="" replenish="" it="" our="" own="" resources="" and="" complete="" work="" in="" next="" 2="" years,="" particular,="" increase="" level="" safety="" nuclear="" power="" plant="" operation,="" be="" able="" retrain ="" personnel="" more="" quickly,="" "he="" said.

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