Second Birth of the ANP


Second Birth of the ANP

On 5 November, 1995 Unit 2 of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant was restarted.

The operation of the ANPP was stopped after the Spitak earthquake with a view to prevent potential recurrence of the accident that had taken place at the Chernobyl NPP.

The ANPP restart helped to cope with the energy crisis of the 90-s. Moreover, the nuclear power plant is still the real guarantor of energy independence and security of the Republic of Armenia. Today ensuring safety has become a greater priority.

A large scope of activities, aimed at the ANPP Unit 2 modernization, has been implemented at the plant thanks to the joint efforts of Armenian specialists, a number of involved Russian organizations and, of course, the IAEA.

In 2021 it is scheduled to complete the activities of the last stage of the life extension program which will enable to extend the safe operation of the plant till 2026.

Ensuring peace and stability in the region will allow to complete the planned work successfully and in due time, and why not, to consider the possibilities of operating the NPP even after 2026.