On May 16, 2023 among others the Armenian NPP also took an active part in the event entitled “Learn and Work: YSU Expo-2023” which was dedicated to the 104th anniversary of the founding of the Yerevan State University (YSU). With this initiative the alma mater pursued the goal of ensuring direct and effective communication between the student/graduate and the employer, understanding current labor market trends and, accordingly, revising educational programs and keeping up with the times.

As an industry partner, the ANPP also presented its thematic pavilion where the plant employees willingly provided the participants of the event with information about the production of electricity using high nuclear technologies, output sale, cooperation with nuclear power plants of other countries, as well as about the opportunities, benefits and prospects of working at the Armenian NPP in terms of salary, social maintenance, career growth, etc. The representative of the ANPP Training Center explained in detail the WWER design features and operating principles on a reactor mock-up.

The specific information about the NPP performance and required specialists was of interest not only to students, but also to many lecturers: in this respect certain agreements were reached, in particular, details of about 70 people, interested in working at the plant, were recorded for further consideration.

In the framework of the event a conference was organized as well. During the conference thematic discussions, exchange of views and perspectives of the invited industry experts and representatives of various circles took place.

Those in charge of the ANPP pavilion expressed their hope that the participation in the “Learn and Work: YSU Expo-2023” will be effective and will meet the expectations from the event.

It is worth reminding, that as a result of a long-term close cooperation between the ANPP and the YSU, memorandums of cooperation were signed, the purpose of which is to increase the interest of students in the largest power generation company of the Republic of Armenia and to ensure a successful implementation of the ever-relevant process of generational change.