The Armenian Students and Schoolchildren Became Familiar with Nuclear Technologies


The Armenian Students and Schoolchildren Became Familiar with Nuclear Technologies

On 25 October during the event entitled «Day of Nuclear Technologies» the Armenian students and schoolchildren got to know about the safety of modern nuclear technologies and their application in different areas: energy, medicine, industry, agriculture. The organizers of the event were the «Rosatom» State Corporation and the National Polytechnic University of Armenia under the support of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Yerevan.  

The event was attended by representatives of ministries, industry experts, employees of higher educational institutions and research institutes, representatives of youth organizations of Armenia, the chief engineer of the «HAEK» CJSC, as well as the children of the Armenian NPP employees.

During the event it was emphasized that the existence of the NPP in the country contributes to development of science and innovations and it means that Armenia needs highly-qualified specialists.

«Nowadays the educational sphere should focus on international experience and use of modern technologies in the learning process, since the knowledge and skills of a university graduate must comply with current needs of the industry and requirements of employers. For future specialists it is important to communicate with industry experts. Today I’m pleased to transfer my knowledge and share experience with future professionals. Our main objective is to ensure succession of generations and educate new specialists who will be involved in development of Armenia in future», - said Artur Grigoryan, Chief Engineer of the Armenian NPP.

 According to Nunufar Alekyan, Acting Head of the Atomic Energy Division of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia the implementation of events such as the Day of Nuclear Technologies increases young people’s interest in technical professions, enables to learn about top requested specializations in the market and real prospects for a professional growth.