In compliance with item 1 of the RA Decision №1060-А, dated June 24 2021 on reducing the charter capital of the «High Voltage Power Grids» CJSC, «Yerevan Heat Power Plant» CJSC and «Haykakan Atomayin Elektrakayan» CJSC,  on consolidating assets after the RA Ministry of the Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, to refund vehicles consolidated after the  RA Ministry of the Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, and on investing the property into the charter capital  of the «High Voltage Power Grids» CJSC and  erevan Heat Power Plant» CJSC/that has entered into effect on 25.06.2021/, the charter capital of the «HAEK» CJSC is reduced by  6,952,378.35 RA drams.

In the result of the changes

The charter capital of the company constitutes 16,662,403,730.5 /sixteen billion and six hundred sixty-two million four hundred and three thousand seven hundred thirty 5/100/ RA dram, which makes 3998 /three thousand nine hundred ninety-eight/ pieces of  ordinary /nominal/ shares, The value of one share is 4,167,684.775 /four million one hundred and sixty-seven thousand six hundred eighty-four , 775/1000/ RA drams.

All shares have been distributed and are owned by the Republic of Armenia, paid for and administered by the RA Government and the person authorized by it – the Minister of the RA Territorial Administration and Infrastructures.