The Flag of Armenia was Delivered to the North Pole


The Flag of Armenia was Delivered to the North Pole

Hrak Dovlatyan, the active participant of “Rosatom School” project and of RCSC (Russian Center for Science and Culture) activities, who was the best attendee of International Smart Vacations session at “Orlyonok” All-Russian Children’s Center, was awarded a certificate of the world’s only special children’s voyage to the Earth North pole. The voyage was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Russia nuclear icebreaking fleet.

That gift was handed over by Natalya Shurochkova, the Counsellor of Regional Operations Department of the “Rosatom” State Corporation and Manager of “Rosatom School” project, and by Leonid Irlitsa, the Staff Councellor of “Atomflot” General Director.

Hrak took part in that ten-day march of dream and took the country flag right to the Earth apex.

Hrak came to know what does the romance of Arctic means. It was not only the pleasant part of the icebreaker crew. And what was more, it was rough daily routine, when you were to fight for ice-captured ships for the sake of saving lives and freight, and, also, accompany ships along the Northern Sea Route through heavy thick ice. 

 The participants of the voyage combined interesting creative activity and examination of exotic polar landscape.

The main goal of the voyage was achieved, the top and heat regulator of our planet, one of the most romantic and most severe places on the Earth, North Celestial Pole. The solemn speech of Dmitry Lobusov, the captain of “50-year anniversary of Victory” ice-breaker highlighted the importance and the symbolic of the moment. It was 41 years ago that day that the first Soviet expedition from the “Arctic” ice-breaker made a landing on the Pole.

With a firm tread and to triumphant music Hrak proudly unpacked the state flag of Armenia just before the staircases on the central ice site surrounded by colorful ice plates, near the indicator “Latitude  90°N, North pole”.