Today, March 6, 2023 the delegation headed by the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Armenian NPP to get familiar with the overview report of 2022 of the strategic facility’s performance.

The Deputy Prime Ministers Mher Grigoryan and Tigran Khachatryan, the RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Gnel Sanosyan, Deputy Minister Hakob Vardanyan, Head of the State Supervision Service Romanos Petrosyan, General Director of Hayatom SRI CJSC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAEK CJSC Vahram Petrosyan, Acting Chairman of the RA Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation Khachatur Khachikyan and other officials participated in the working visit.

In order to review the works carried out at the NPP during the reporting year, the high-ranking guests made a tour of the NPP site, got acquainted with the overhauled and modernized major and auxiliary systems and equipment included in the technological chain of electricity production, comprising the activities aimed at modernization of the main control unit, information and computing system, as well as of other systems responsible for the safe operation of the plant.

In 2016, the design operating lifetime of the ANPP Unit 2 expired, and due to the large-scale modernization activities, the operating life of the power unit was extended by 10 years. As a result, for the first time since 1995, the nuclear power plant operates at a 100% thermal capacity (instead of 92%). 

During the conference held after the tour, the management staff of the NPP presented an overview report, during which the ANPP Unit 2 operating life re-extension project was discussed: activities will be carried out during the years 2023-2026, the concept of LTO-2 has already been developed and agreed with the RA Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation, the draft of the government's decision is also ready, which will launch the process. As a result, it will be possible to operate the ANPP Unit 2 safely until 2036.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister was also provided with detailed information on the plant's human resources and financial and economic indicators.

The perspectives of the RA energy sector strategy were also discussed, taking into account the experience and activities of the world leaders in atomic energy production.

Referring to the key challenges of the plant and the work being done to resolve them, the General Director of HAEK CJSC E. Martirosyan assured that the entire staff of the NPP is ready to continue the work with great consistency and responsibility for the benefit of the safe and reliable operation of the nuclear power plant.

The Prime Minister N. Pashinyan in the context of the RA energy sector development emphasized the importance of continuous improvement of the NPP performance efficiency.