On May 5, 2023 at 01:45 the ANPP Unit 2 was shut down for annual outage-2023 which will last 75 days.

The following main activities are scheduled to be performed during outage-2023:

  • reactor intermediate maintenance with a complete core unloading,
  • major overhaul of reactor coolant pumps №2 and №3,
  • major overhaul of steam generators №2 and №3,
  • routine maintenance of turbine generators,
  • routine maintenance of steam turbines.

In addition to the above major works, activities aimed at modernization of some of the safety systems will be carried out, such as replacing the pipelines of the Essential Load Cooling System.

Besides the employees of the ANPP main departments, specialists from the Russian Federation, Croatia,  Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries, who have an extensive experience of performing maintenance of NPP systems and equipment, will participate  in the scheduled activities.

The outage process will be carried out under the supervision of specialists from the RA Committee for Nuclear Safety Regulation.

The unit start-up is scheduled for July 18, 2023.