Foreign specialists are visiting the Armenian NPP to perform activities in the framework of the plant outage


Foreign specialists are visiting the Armenian NPP to perform activities in the framework of the plant outage

Under the conditions of the ongoing quarantine period the energy providers can’t give pause to their activity. The annual 2020 outage has been started at the Armenian NPP which is impossible without participation of foreign specialists. They shall be present at the site as far as the work can’t be done remotely due to the specific nature of this area.

The Armenian NPP will be visited by specialists from Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, and Slovakia to participate in the 2020 outage activities. Also the representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have already visited the plant.

All required conditions are established for health of the Armenian NPP employees and foreign specialists. Sanitation and epidemic prevention measures are strictly observed at the plant to prevent viral shedding. All employees of the Armenian NPP and contractors are provided with necessary personal protective equipment (medical face masks, gloves, and disinfecting agents).

“This year 120 specialists will come to the plant, the secondment arrangements have been started beforehand.  We received all required documents and lists of personnel, a permit from the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure for the country entry and access of specialists to the Armenian NPP. All specialists have doctor's certificates. Also, on the day of arrival to Armenia the testing of specialists will be carried out”, - stated Movses Vardanyan, General Director of the Armenian NPP.

For the quarantine period and arrival of foreign experts, special operation and rest arrangements were implemented including also continuous control of the employees’ health. Daily measurement of body temperature and medical examination, individual transportation and meal service in canteen will be arranged for personnel in compliance with the schedule.

“For us it is also very important to ensure proper implementation of activities in the framework of the plant outage and ensure health care for our employees and the ANPP employees. On the day of arrival to Armenia the isolation period will be arranged for our employees for the time of medical testing. It will allow ensuring sanitary safety and observance of all quarantine requirements”, - said Yuri Sviridenko, Leader of the Armenian NPP life extension project from the Russian side.

Let us recall that on July 1 the Armenian NPP was shutdown for the regular annual outage. The activities at the Unit 2 will last for 65 days. The Armenian NPP is the only nuclear plant in the area. It produces more than one third of power in the country.