The Armenian NPP was Connected to the RA Grid after the Outage


The Armenian NPP was Connected to the RA Grid after the Outage

The ANPP Unit 2 turbine generators №3 and 4 after the outage of 2020 (Outage-2020) were started and on 23 August at 13:30 the ANPP was connected to the national grid of Armenia.

Currently the ANPP is running according to the dispatcher schedule.

The radiation background at the plant and its vicinity is at the level which corresponds to the units normal operation and does not exceed the natural radiation background.

With bringing the reactor to operational parameters and connection of turbine generators №3 and 4 (running at 385MWt) to the electrical grid the outage of 2020 is considered to be completed.

As is known, the fifth year now the ANPP combines the maintenance activities of standard outages with implementation of the ANPP Life Extension Program, since the most of the works in that area is technologically accessible only on the shutdown unit.

During the outage activities were performed the results of which sufficiently improved safety and reliability of the unit operation.

Thanks to the effective work of the ANPP personnel the activities of outage-2020 were completed 12 days earlier than the scheduled date.

It should be mentioned that successful completion of this outage came to be possible only thanks to a well-managed process and commitment of the Armenian NPP personnel to the final result, and also, in no small part, thanks to common ground, healthy and business interrelations with involved Russian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Croatian and Armenian organizations which were established over several years of collaborative effort.