Safety is above all


The Management of “HAEK” CJSC considers the Armenian NPP operating life extension beyond the design limits to be a high-priority activity. Hence, another issue of high-priority is justification of operated Unit 2 operating safety, for which based on safety assessment results  the scope of documentation to be developed and that of additional activities aimed at elimination of all identified safety problems, will be thoroughly determined. Such approach will enable to maintain the NPP power capacity, as well as to enhance its safety level and improve the unit performance.

The main purpose of long–term operation (LTO) is ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of the power unit operated, in compliance with the criteria and requirements of the standards and regulations in force in the area of nuclear energy use.

The Administrative and Technical Management of “HAEK” CJSC clearly realize that they bear a complete and official responsibility for safety of the operated power unit during LTO which is achieved via:

  • rigorous adherence to the requirements of standard-regulatory statements and standard documentation, used for  regulation of activities during power energy use, of the technical documents regulating the process of ensuring ANPP power units safe operation;
  • power unit operation in strict compliance with the requirements of technical documentation;
  • development and implementation of power unit LTO quality assurance program ;
  • fulfillment of the requirements of quality assurance program for the power unit equipment and constructions comprehensive survey;
  • development and implementation of  power unit preparation for LTO program;
  • implementation of  a timely modernization and reconstruction of equipment, implementation of new hardware and technologies, upgrading operational procedures based on the operating experience, the results of comprehensive survey and aging management, as well as the best international practice in this area;
  • performing NPP safety analyses and ensuring safety reports periodical releases, demonstrating that all the safety issues have found their solutions or will have been resolved within the dates specified;
  • surveillance and control of established order  observance by the ANPP and Contractor’s employees, when performing activities ;
  •  compliance of the employees’ qualification to the work performed;
  • developing a high-level safety culture among all the ANPP employees .

In order to ensure the required safety level, the “HAEK” CJSC management undertakes the following commitments:

  • to allocate required funds, logistics and human resources in order to achieve goals in the area of safety ensuring;
  • to involve specialized organizations so that to ensure quality control of the equipment supplied to the ANPP and  activities performed;
  • to provide safe working conditions for all the employees to perform their functions ;
  • to ensure that any initiatives of the plant employees, related to safety ensuring and upgrading, will be supported and valued;
  • to submit information on safety issues to public, state and international organizations, and to cooperate with them  in order to enhance safety;

Þ     to communicate the LTO safety ensuring policy to all the ANPP employees.


Safety is considered to be the highest value in the Republic of Armenia and at the Armenian NPP. It is fixed in the RA legislation, as well as in industrial standard technical documentation and in plant procedures. The plant management always give great attention to issues related to ensuring safety, make significant efforts to maintain the safety at an adequate level.

Safety and reliability management is not addressed in "HAEK" CJSC in an isolated way but as a constituent part of the management system in whole, i.e. the safety and reliability management system is an integral part of the "HAEK" CJSC management system.

The "HAEK" CJSC safety and reliability management system is to meet requirements for implementation of two basic objectives:

o    improvement of safety operational indicators through planning, monitoring and supervision of the performance affecting safety in all operating modes of the ANPP,

o    establishing and maintaining high safety culture through development and strengthening of self-consciousness, responsibility and self-control of officials when performing activities influencing ANPP safety and reliability.

The NPP safety is ensured by implementing the principle of defence-in-depth based on using systems and barriers on the way of possible release of radioactive products into the environment and a system of technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting the barriers and maintaining their efficiency.


Many years’ operation of the Unit has demonstrated reliable and safe functioning of the Armenian NPP. However continuous tightening of requirements to operation safety imposed by population, regulatory authorities and international community, and also the analysis of accumulated experience and current status, demand reviewing of our approaches and taking appropriate actions in order to reach the highest levels for all types of safety, reliability and quality in operation of nuclear units for power production.

The HAEK CJSC administrative and technical management clearly realizes the complete and official reliability for safety (nuclear safety, first of all) of the operated units and declares its commitment in achievement of the best indicators in all safety important activity areas.

Moreover, the HAEK CJSC administrative and technical management acknowledges that the responsibility of the HAEK CJSC is by no means decreased because of the independent activity of state organizations bearing responsibility for management and control, the outside agencies dealing with design, manufacturing, and supply of equipment for the ANPP, and also other engineering support organizations.

We officially declare that the safety of the ANPP and staff, and minimization of environmental impact, as well, is the highest priority of our activity surpassing even the production itself.

We hold to the following principles in implementation of our safety policy:

·         Commitment to “safety culture” and maintaining such a production environment where the key constituent of it is the personnel safety-aimed thinking which forms questioning attitude, prevents placidity, and anticipates striving for perfection, development of personal liability and devotion to work in regard to safety issues;

·         Quality assurance in implementation of all activity types which impact safe and efficient operation;

·         Assurance of rigorous and exact implementation of all tasks and activities through management structure, hierarchic reporting, with distinct distribution of duties and responsibilities;

·         Open discussion of issues and no-blame policy in reporting accidental errors;

·         Systematical planning and prioritization in activity implementation, and also quality control of activity outputs.

Safety and quality policy constitutes an integral part of the NPP operation Quality Assurance Program (QAP). The QAP serves as a basis for establishing the HAEK CJSC management strategy directed to operation safety, reliability, and quality upgrading.

The strict observation of the QAP regulations and proper functioning of the quality management system, along with continuous operation and safety improvement, is the only and correct way to resolve the tasks we face.

Each employee and manager, while realizing their responsibility for ensuring safety, technical level and quality of the implemented work, shall adhere and implement the activity in compliance with the principles established in the given document.


The management of the HAEK CJSC, while acknowledging the responsibility for the ANPP safe operation, pays special attention to Safety Culture principles in its day-to-day activity.

The international community defines Safety Culture as a set of characteristics and features of an enterprise activity and behavior of individuals which demonstrates that NPP safety issues, in regard to their highest priority, are in focus determined by their significance.

Thus, the ANPP safe operation issues for us are of the highest priority.

We try to create at the NPP conditions which facilitate development of personal liability sense and common self-regulation for safety through deep knowledge, understanding of safety ensuring main criteria and principles by all employees of the enterprise, and of priority and significance of the issues related to safe operation of nuclear units. 

Within its authorities and capabilities the HAEK CJSC management will seek for Safety Culture upgrading by means of improvement of all types of activity paying special attention to the characteristics such as:

·         Personal perception of safety significance;

·         Knowledge and competence ensured through personnel training and instructions, and self-training, as well;

·         Commitment, requiring demonstration of high safety priority at the level of senior managers and acknowledgement of common safety objectives by individuals;

·         Stimulation by means of management methods, goals setting, and establishment of encouragement and punishment system, and by means of internal position  creation by individuals;

·         Supervision, including practice of revisions and expertise, and willingness to respond to critical position of some individuals;

·         Responsibility through formalized job establishment and description, and their understanding by individuals.

The ANPP Safety Culture and safety maintaining at high level is the main safety objective of the HAEK CJSC activity and we believe that each employee of the enterprise can and must personally contribute to the process of continuous improvement and perfection.

Thus, the management of the HAEK CJSC calls the whole personnel to:

·         Observe and properly implement the requirements of standard, administrative, and operational documentation existing at the HAEK CJSC;

·         Maintain proper behavior, work safely and reliably, realize personal liability for own behavior;

·         Implement own job duties regarding personal liability, prevent placidity, and use self-control principle;

·         Realize error concealing inadmissibility and  need for identification and solution of its causes;

·         Continuously work for self-perfection, study and apply advanced experience, including the foreign one.

Consistent implementation of the adopted policy would enable the ANPP safety upgrading, personnel work efficiency and population confidence in nuclear energy.


The Armenian NPP is an industrial entity generating electricity with nuclear fuel and with use of ionizing radiation sources.

Considering that radiation protection of personnel and population constitutes one of the main components of the ANPP operational safety control system, and in regard of responsibility for creation of conditions appropriate for health protection, life and property of personnel and population, and also for environment protection, the management of the HAEK CJSC declares:

The main radiation safety goal consists in maintaining radiation at the ANPP and the releases outside the site during normal operation conditions below the established levels as low as reasonably achievable regarding all economical and social factors, and also limitation and mitigation of impact on personnel, population and environment in case of accidents.

Achievement of the set goal is possible only on the basis of the following fundamental principles:

·         Ensuring strict compliance with requirements of the RA Legislation, existing codes and regulations in the area of radiation safety;

·         Prevention of normal operation violations, nuclear and radiological accidents representing the main sources of radiation hazard for population and environment;

·         Limitation of radiological impact on personnel, population and environment during normal operation and violations of normal operation, including accidents, up to the values which are below the established limits;

·         Assurance of the HAEK CJSC personnel’s rights in regard to protection from ionizing sources impact in the course of labor activity at the ANPP, to be implemented with management of:

·         Control and accounting of individual radiation doses received by the HAEK CJSC personnel working in the ionizing radiation area;

·         Activities the implementation of which is related to occupational exposure, in compliance with ALARA principles (decrease of personnel exposure when working with ionizing radiation sources);

·         Access of the HAEK CJSC personnel to information about individual radiation dose;

·         Versatile and systematic monitoring of radiological conditions at working places, rooms, premises, in the sanitary and protected area and control area, and also of radioactive releases and effluents;

·         Timely informing the state authorities about emergencies, and violations of technical specifications impending radiation safety.

The management of the HAEK CJSC will systematically implement activities for upgrading the ANPP radiation safety and especially support all initiatives of the HAEK CJSC employees, and also of external organizations, aimed at upgrading radiation protection.

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